Top Reasons Why People Are in Debt

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Money 06/11/2017 01:32pm
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Are you feeling overwhelmed and defeated by the amount of cash you owe? The very first step that you can take to gain control over your debt is to first find out the causes. By finding out the reasons it will become easy for you to refrain from accumulating further debt in the future. In this article we have listed some of the top reasons why people get into debt. Once you understand where exactly your money is going, it will be easy for you effectively manage your debt until you have paid them off completely.

Less Income And Same Expenses

Many of you may always delay in bringing your expenses in line. Besides, reduction in income due to various reasons is likely to give way to debt. So the sooner you adjust to your less income reality, the better off you will be. Check for the expenses that are non-essential and you can cut back.


Most of the people do it today. Some do it more than once. Divorce is the surefire way to spend all your hard earned savings. You can get the greatest shock of your life when you will have to separate yourself to get a divorce. It will also include attorney fees.

Poor Money Management

It is essential to have a proper monthly spending plan. Without one it will be difficult for you to keep a track on where your monthly income is going. You may be spending hundreds of pounds on nonessential things and end up with no money left for your day today expenses. Eventually you might have to rely on loans to meet your requirements. Simply planning and writing down your expenses and income can help you. Try to make thoughtful decisions about when and where to spend your hard earned money.


Unemployment is another major reason why people get into debts. People who are experiencing underemployment should not consider it to be temporary. Try to get your expenses in line with your present income. You can also choose to increase your income by working some extra hours, getting a second job, or a better job.


Gambling can get you in serous debts. It can be addictive and loans are easily available.

Medical Expenses

Increasing medical cost makes this a popular category. Nowadays most doctors accept credit cards. This means more debt for you and less for them. Though they are not into lending business, but high medical charges can get you into bigger debt issues.

Saving Not At All Or Too Little

The best and simple way to avoid unwanted debt is to prepare for the unexpected expenses by saving. With enough saving in hand you can stay worry free from a job layoff, illness or divorce. Such incidents will never cause any immediate financial strain and increase your debt.

Absence Of Money Communication Skills

When it comes to finance it is important that you communicate about it with your spouse. Discuss about your financial goals and keep your financial communications open. Try to map out a strategy that will work for you and your family.

Banking On A Bonus

It can be very tempting to spend tomorrow’s money today. You may not always get a planned job bonus. So it is best that you do not spend the money until and unless the check clears.

Financial Illiteracy

Another major reason why people are in debt is financial illiteracy. It is important that you understand how money works and how to save and invest for the rainy days. It is your responsibility what you do with your monthly income. Financial mistakes can be very expensive and difficult to resolve. Get educated financially and stay away from debts.